Welcome to my portfolio of selected works, commissions, and collaborations I’ve undertaken through the years, thanks to my recognition in architectural photography on Instagram. My work has led to exciting partnerships with tourism boards, big brands, architects, and real estate professionals who value the way I capture the beauty of the built environment.

Among my commissioned projects are architectural photo reports of buildings and structures for architects and real estate professionals. I have also been called upon to document public heritage sites for public institutions, providing a comprehensive view of the history and cultural value of these landmarks.

I have also had the privilege of collaborating with tourism boards and big brands, capturing the unique and alluring features of their destinations and products. Through my lens, I showcase the beauty and distinctiveness of each location, providing a fresh and captivating perspective that captures the imagination of travelers and consumers alike.

Overall, my portfolio showcases the breadth of my skills as an architectural photographer, capturing the unique character and beauty of each building, landmark, and location, whether it be for commercial or public purposes.

Tourism campaign for Regione Campania (Italy). Travel to Naples and Amalfitan Coast visiting a selection of landmarks and architectural spots across the region, creating content for social media. (October 2021).

City tourism campaign for Basel Tourism Board. Travel to Basel visiting a selection of architectural spots, creating content for social media, while being filmed and interviewed for a shooting of a promotional video of the city. (March 2020).

Promotion of MINI Living Urban Cabin, a long-term MINI research project exploring the future of urban habitats based on the creative use of space. In this case we travel to Beijing, China, to take part on the media campaign for the launch of the fourth Mini Urban cabin interpretation. (September 2018).

Photographic report for W Hotels‘ website and social networks. 2 day shooting in W Barcelona Hotel. (July 2018).

Presentation of Samsung QLED 8K TV at IFA 2018 in Berlin. Social media promoting new Samsung TV launch and ‘Perfect Reality’ campaign. (August 2018).

Hotels of Barcelona using Technal on their façades. Instagram takeover of the brand. (June 2018)

Promotion of MINI Living installation ‘Built by all’ at Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan, Italy. A surface area of just a few square metres is used to create very personal and attractive spaces, reflecting MINI’s core principle of the ‘creative use of space’. (April 2018)

Zürich Tourism campaign promoting the city as an architectural destination. 5-day trip visiting a wide range of renowned architecture projects while creating content to publish on social media. (June 2018)

Set of architectural photographies using a range of Manfrotto equipment. (July 2018) (August 2019)



Promotion of A/D/O by MINI in Brooklyn, New York. A creative space dedicated to exploring the boundaries and the future of design. We also went there to promote the ‘Spirit of the City’ new installation, a set of gold-mirrored columns which spin around to reflect light patterns, visitors, and the surrounding brick walls. (May 2018)

Font Vella product labeling for Instagram collection of mineral water bottles and promotional photos of the final product. (August 2017)

Ucon Acrobatics, minimalistic designed backpacks from Berlin. Social media campaign collaboration. (July 2017)

Visit Brussels Tourist Board. Instagram action during 2017 Flower Time event, visiting the city and promoting it on social media as a cultural destination. (August 2017)

Estrella Damm ‘Mediterràniament’ campaign for Instagram, capturing the Mediterranean character of Barcelona. (February 2017)

Barcelona campaign, category Architecture for Estrella Damm. (December 2017)

Bratleboro, minimalistic watches. Social media collaboration. (May 2016)

Land Rover. ‘Range Rover Velar’ campaign. Norway driving experience. (July 2017)

Visit London Official Visitor Guide. Love London weekend celebrating Autumn Season campaign. (October 2017)

Influencer event between the cities of London and Manchester. (March 2018)

Visit Manchester Official Visitor Guide. Promoting the city through social media at Manchester Worker Bee Weekender. (March 2018)

Collaborative work with Toby Tripp @feelwelcome  (November 2016)